Dr. Linda Nielsen

Synopsis & Contents

  Synopsis and Table of Contents

"If this book doesn’t improve your father-daughter relationship, demand your money back and check with your doctor to see if you're still breathing."
  A Grateful Father    

Finally! A no-nonsense, engaging, insightful book designed for dads and adult daughters who want more from their relationship – and for anyone who cares about enriching, understanding or rebuilding father-daughter relationships. For people with even the slightest interest in fathers and daughters, this groundbreaking book is a fascinating read. Here’s concrete advice from the nation’s leading expert on fathers’ relationships with their adult daughters – especially written for divorced dads and their daughters. Here are just a few of the questions answered in this book:     

Why try to get more from your relationship at this point?
How can you talk about "IT" – that one really difficult topic? 
How can dad give advice without making his daughter mad?
What can you do if your daughter treats you like a banking machine?
How can you get your dad to treat you like a grown up?
How can you communicate better when you’re so different?
How can you get to know each other better?   
How can you deal with a jealous mom or stepmom?
What can moms do to strengthen father-daughter bonds?  
How can you repair the damage caused by divorce?
How can you rebuild if you’re barely speaking?

This isn’t a "warm and fuzzy" coffee table book. Nielsen is a researcher and teacher, not a "make you feel good" pacifier. She guides readers with eye opening research facts, tough questions, personal assignments, father-daughter activities, and self-assessment quizzes.  Explaining why most relationships haven’t reached their full potential and why others have unraveled, Nielsen shows dads and daughters how to make changes now!